Bring Jim and Doug

What is RYM?

Refreshing Your Marriage is a day and a half conference that challenges all marriages to change and grow. Every marriage – regardless of condition – can use an occasional boost and this is exactly what RYM accomplishes. Designed by authors and marriage experts, Jim Burns & Doug Fields… their content is practical, helpful and inspirational. Jim & Doug understand that your church will be stronger when your marriages are healthier.

Here’s what to expect:

  • A proven marriage conference that has served both large churches (as their marriage retreat) and communities (where churches have partnered to host this event).
  • Jim Burns and Doug Fields are creative, fun-loving, practical, world class communicators, and award-winning authors with over 3 million resources in print.
  • An authentic, fast-paced, fun and enjoyable program.
  • Creative communication from an unashamedly Christian world view.
  • Free marketing material to help you promote your event.


Below are the details regarding this RYM event with MFP (Marriage Family Partnership)/HomeWord:


  1. Deposit
    $2,500 is due at the time of booking the conference. The entire deposit is applied toward advance ticket purchasing (see below). 
  2. Advance Ticket Purchase
    Host agrees to purchase 400 tickets (200 couples) at $44.50 each to sell to their congregation/community. This advance purchase of 400 tickets is without possibility of refund or exchange of any kind (host is guaranteeing a minimum of 200 couples). Additional tickets may be purchased on consignment from MFP for $30.00 (host makes $14.50 per ticket after the initial 400—assuming host sells for $44.50).

    $17,800 ($44.50 per ticket x 400 minimum)

    $ 2,500 (deposit)

    $15,300 (due 7 days after the event)

  3. Reimburse Travel Expenses
    Host is responsible for 3 flights, 3 hotel rooms, 2 car rentals, and meals.  


  1. You have the freedom to charge whatever you want. We recommend $89 per couple, although it would not be unreasonable to raise the price to cover all your costs (other similar marriage conferences are more expensive as they tend to range from $149/couple to $299/couple).
  2. Some groups share ticket sale commitment with other churches (i.e., four churches each committing to 50 couples/100 tickets). MFP requires one church to sign the contract. 


(MFP/HomeWord) provides host church material to help promote event including editable and printable promotion pieces as well as print and web-quality graphics.

  • MFP/HomeWord Provides Supplemental Support: MFP will do one E-blast to the local area as well as occasional mentions on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Local Churches:  The host is asked to utilize their network of relationships with other local Christian leaders. We recommend connecting with at least 20 churches in the community.


(MFP/HomeWord) will sell resources at the event and requires the help of two volunteers to provide help at the breaks. 


Please contact us by EMAIL (below) or by PHONE: 949-487-0217. We will be glad to share more details and answer any questions you might have. Thanks!


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