Certified Trainers

  • Keith Brown | Brighton, MI

    Mark Dyck | Lethbridge, AB (Canada)

    Rev. Dr. Drew Hulse | Scottsdale, AZ

    Jordan Gash | Mission Viejo, CA

    Sara Patrick | San Diego, CA

    Edgar Garcia | Anaheim, CA

    Joshua Kapchinsky | Claremont, CA

    Meko Kapchinsky | Claremont, CA

    Reggie Rice | Phoenix, AZ

    Randy Isola | Elgin, IL

    Jeff Jamba | Tacoma, WA

    Matt Davis | Santa Ana, CA

    Todd Graham | Marietta, GA

    Melissa Galban | Riverside, CA

    Gina Vildibill | Corona, CA

    Amanda Daniels | Tri-Cities, WA

    Joel Lusz | Melbourne, FL

    Matt Hill | Spring Lake, MI

    Craig Coffin | Santa Ana, CA

    Jeff Bachman | San Juan Capistrano, CA

    Tiffany Baggs | San Clemente, CA

    Juan Benito | Imperial, CA

    Tim Blow | Fairfield, CT

    Cliff Cary | Amarillo, TX

    Matt France | Fontana, CA

    Betty Fung | San Jose, CA

    Nate Galloway | Marietta, GA

    Bryan Goepert | New Port Richey, FL

    Amy Goepert | New Port Richey, FL

    Gina Vildibill | Corona, CA

    Mary Jane Edwards | Santa Ana, CA

    Desiree Barrett | Port Orchard, WA

  • Nicole Hill | Spring Lake, MI

    Amy Emhoff | West Linn, OR

    Gerald Dzawo | Burlington, IA

    Rebecca Sassenrath | Granite Bay, CA

    Tom Patrick | San Diego, CA

    Betty Fung | San Jose, CA

    Cody Moore | Justin, TX

    Paige Clingenpeel | Fort Wayne, IN

    Allen Webster | Upland, CA

    Matthew France | Fontana, CA

    Lisa Longoria | Apple Valley, CA

    Eric Steinke | Adrian, MI

    Eric Ferris | Cincinnati, OH

    Bryan Goebert | New Port Richey, FL

    Kerry Ray | Cincinnati, OH

    Cory Liebrum | Rockwall, TX

    Cory Brand | Midland, TX

    Betsy Marvin | Grand Rapids, MI

    Diane Lane | Dallas, TX

    Todd Graham | Marietta, GA

    Ryan Kapple | Leawood, KS

    Tim Keller | San Juan Capistrano, CA

    Cory Liebrum | Rockwall, TX

    Lisa Longoria | Apple Valley, CA

    Betsy Marvin | Grand Rapids, MI

    Marcus Nuaimi | Fontana, CA

    Steve Otey | St Louis, MO

    Sara Patrick | San Diego, CA

    Tom Patrick | San Diego, CA

    Nate Sams | Phoenix, AZ

    Kody Speers | Burleson TX

To determine which certifications belong to each trainer, start by selecting your preferred TOPIC using the contact form below.


    • Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality
    • Confident Parenting

    • Getting Ready for Marriage Mentor Training

    • Developing a Family Ministry

    • Understanding Your Teenager

    • Generation to Generation: Energizing Your Family’s Spiritual Life
    • Creating An Intimate Marriage

    • 9 Life Lessons on Leadership, Relationships and Life
    • First Few Years of Marriage

    • Positive Adaptability
    • Building Morals and Values

    • Creating a Media Safe Home

    • Understanding Your Teen Small Group Training

    • Developing a Marriage Ministry


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