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  1. Please be sure to review all seminar booking details in our FAQ section before submitting your request. After  receiving your completed form below, we will reply to you via email within two business days.
  2. Make sure you select more than one presenter. We can sometimes reduce the cost of travel by matching a presenter that lives closer to your area.
  3. Make sure you select a second and third choice of dates on our Seminar Request Form. This will allow us to best fit our schedule with your needs.
  4. Start advertising your seminar! Remember: if you want a good crowd to attend, you’ll need to promote the seminar well within your church or region and make sure everyone puts the seminar on their calendars. Upon booking, we will send you promotional materials to help encourage everyone to attend. We’ll also add your booking to the HomeWord calendar on the web.


Here’s what we provide:

  • A great speaker to present the seminar!
    You can choose from any one of our qualified seminar leaders. They are experienced professionals and skilled communicators. The seminar leader that you choose will come to your church, present the seminar, interact with your parents and respond to any questions they may have.
  • Seminar notebooks for every parent.
    We send a PDF of the participant manual that can be printed and bound however you prefer.
  • Publicity materials
    We provide you with professional artwork that can be customized for your seminar. You can use this artwork to produce posters, flyers, bulletin inserts, handouts, tickets … whatever you need to advertise the seminar in your church or community.
  • A Resource Table
    Some (but not all) of our seminar presenters bring with them an assortment of recommended books and other items for sale. If you would like to set up a resource table of your own, contact HomeWord and we can provide books for you to purchase at wholesale prices so that you can make them available at the seminar.

Still have questions about seminars?

  • Call: 949-487-0217 ext. 101
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