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By participating in the HomeWord Trainer of Trainers, you will receive certification for the content tracks you have attended. As a certificated HomeWord speaker:

  • Your name will be on the HomeWord website and people will be encouraged to look for speakers from that site. The interested group will have to contact you personally if they have an interest.
  • You are welcome to use the material in any way you wish, but also may join a HomeWord mission experience and present internationally. There is typically no pay involved and the requesting group often expects the speaker to pay for travel expenses.


  1. What do you mean by “certified?”
    To become a “Certified HomeWord Trainer” simply means that you have been through the course and filled out the application. You can use this distinction on your resume and when you speak. Part of the training program will help you see how you can use this content in speaking engagements, mission trips, and on the HomeWord speakers list of certified trainers.
  2. Who is doing the certification?
    By going through the certification and filling out an application you will be certified. There is no academic accreditation status for this training.
  3. Does this mean I can speak for HomeWord (be one of your speakers)?
    You can use this on your bio. HomeWord will have a list of certified trainers on our website for people looking for someone to speak at their church or group. HomeWord has mission opportunities where international organizations are asking for people to come and train their leaders. HomeWord will put those opportunities in front of you.
  4. When/how do I pay?
    The registration opens right after Thanksgiving. Or you can pay to make sure you reserve a spot via phone 949-487-0217 or send a check to HomeWord, PO Box 1600, San Juan Capistrano, CA. Because of the nature of this relational training experience, there is limited space.
  5. Is there a discount for all 3 tracks?
    No, sorry. As you probably know, most Trainer of Trainer experiences are very expensive. We have kept the price extremely low for this kind of an experience.
  6. What do I get for this – your handouts? A workbook?
    You get the content to become your own which you may adapt to create messages, seminars, classes etc. You will receive the outlines for the talks and training on how to use them. Each track not only has seminars, but it has training in family/marriage ministry, as well as insight on how to create life-changing seminars. Two meals are included and very importantly, a relationship with HomeWord.
  7. Can the training be given via independent study or online?
    No. Because of the relational nature of the experience this is an in-person experience. HomeWord does have some small group video series for you to use at your church for which you would not need to attend a Trainer of Trainers event to utilize.
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