HomeWord’s Trainer of Trainers is available digitally or in-person!

Additionally, we have changed the name to Pass It On! to better describe this experience. You can become a certified HomeWord family ministry speaker and coach or simply take the courses to be educated in key family topics. This is much more than a training event. The content is yours to personalize as you speak, write, podcast, host small groups, train others or use any way you desire.

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ONLY $199/Track 

Cost Includes

  • All of the notes, slides, videos, and teaching for track
  • Tips on how to create a great seminar and ideas on the best ways to communicate this material
  • A certificate in Family Ministry from HomeWord upon completion of all 3 tracks
  • A monthly Zoom call with Jim Burns and the HomeWord team
  • Information on how you can give these messages around the world


    • Teaching Healthy Sexuality
    • Confident Parenting
    • Getting Ready for Marriage Small-Group Mentor Training
    • Developing a Family Ministry



    • Understanding Your Teenager
    • Generation to Generation (Energizing Your Family’s Spiritual Life)
    • Creating an Intimate Marriage
    • 9 Life Lessons on Leadership, Family Relationships, and Personal Life
    • The First Few Years of Marriage Small-Group Mentor Training
    • Positive Adaptability



    • Building Healthy Morals and Values
    • Creating A Media Safe Home
    • Understanding Your Teenager Small-Group Training
    • Developing A Marriage Ministry
    • Doing Life with Your Adult Children



  • “Jim Burns is either crazy or one of the most generous humans on the planet. He is giving you
    his family ministry content for you to pass on to others at a ridiculously low price.”

    Doug Fields, Orange County, California

  • “Pass it On (Trainer of Trainers) was a gift! The insight, material, connections, and time with Jim created a time that was well worth it. I am excited to see how God will use the material and I feel so equipped to walk with families in a new way.”

    Betsy Marvin, Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • “HomeWord/Jim’s training is packed with so much knowledge, wisdom, and experience. If you want practical and relevant information on topics facing families, Jim and HomeWord is the place for you.”

    Tommy Patrick, San Diego, California

Jim Burns, PhD

Jim Burns has invested his adult life to create content and speak on the subjects that make a difference for families and family ministry. Jim is literally “passing on” his years of content to you!


By participating in the HomeWord Trainer of Trainers, you will receive certification for the content tracks you have attended. As a certificated HomeWord speaker:

  • Your name will be on the HomeWord website and people will be encouraged to look for speakers from that site. The interested group will have to contact you personally if they have an interest.
  • You are welcome to use the material in any way you wish, and when there is an opportunity, you may join a HomeWord mission experience and present internationally. There is typically no pay involved, and the requesting group often expects the speaker to pay for travel expenses.


What do you mean by “certified?”

To become a “Certified Trainer” simply means that you have been through the course. You can use this distinction on your resume and when you speak. Part of the training program will help you see how you can use this content in speaking engagements, mission trips, etc.

Who is doing the certification?

By participating in the HomeWord Trainer of Trainers program you will be certified for the content tracks you attended. There is no academic accreditation status for this training.

As a certified speaker:

Your name will be listed on HomeWord’s website where people will be encouraged to look for speakers. The group will contact you directly if they have an interest.
A certified speaker is welcome to use the material in any way they wish.

Does this mean I can speak for HomeWord (be one of your speakers)?

This does not mean you are a HomeWord speaker, but rather are part of a list of people certified by HomeWord and available to people looking for a speaker at their church or group. Periodically, HomeWord has mission opportunities where international organizations are asking for people to come and train their leaders. HomeWord will make these opportunities known to you when they become available.

Is there a discount for all 3 tracks?

No, sorry. As you probably know, most Trainer of Trainers experiences are expensive. We have kept the price extremely low for this kind of an experience.

What do I get for this – your handouts? A workbook?

You get the content to make your own handout/workbook and can adapt it to create messages, seminars, classes, etc. You will receive the outlines for the talks and training on how to use them. Each track not only has seminars, but it also has training in family/marriage ministry as well as insight on how to create life-changing seminars.

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