Seminar FAQ

How much does a HomeWord Seminar cost?
The cost of a seminar is $3,000 plus travel expenses. This includes a PDF of the participant manual for making copies, a promo kit, and a promo video.

How do churches afford the $3,000?
A travel estimate is added to the basic fee. The estimate charged will vary depending on the means of transportation needed for the seminar presenter. For this reason many churches choose a seminar presenter who lives closer to the seminar location.

Actually, it’s easier than you think.

  • Some groups have the cost in their budget.
  • Some groups charge a fee per participant.
  • Some churches combine with other churches and split the cost. (For example: 4 churches combine and are only responsible for $750 of the fee)
  • Some groups get a family in the church to underwrite the cost of the seminar.

How long is the seminar?
The optimum seminar length is 2.5-3 hours long, including a 15-minute break

What is the best time and day for a HomeWord seminar?
Most people request weekends and those are great. However, many times our biggest attendance is on weeknights, and it is much easier to get the speaker of your choice on weeknights. They tend to book up quickly on weekends.

Do you have any marketing tips?
Yes. We have done over 1,000 seminars now and we learn from the churches that do it well.

  • Provide Childcare
  • Get all the groups involved from the church: Women’s ministry, Youth ministry, Children’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Marriage Ministry and anyone else who cares about family. If you can, get the various groups in the church to commit to a number they could bring.
  • Make announcements from the pulpit. If your pastor gets behind the seminar and challenges people to attend, they will.
  • Offer it to the community. “When you reach the family, you reach the world.”

What about travel expenses?
We always do our best to achieve the lowest possible rates for airfare, ground transportation and hotel accommodations to keep travel costs at their lowest level. The actual amount of travel will be provided to you after the seminar.

Who are the speakers?
The HomeWord seminar speakers are some of the finest family specialists in the country. Most have written extensively and speak nationally. You can read their bios online.

Should we pre-register people for the event?
We strongly recommend that you do. This makes it easier for an estimated number of attendees. This also helps people to feel committed to attending the seminar.

Do you help with publicity?
Yes, we do offer help. We send you a promotional kit with flyers and bulletins, logo, speaker photo, and promo video. We also put your seminar up on our website event calendar. However, you are ultimately responsible for advertising your seminar and getting people there.

What happens after the seminar?
Good question. We often suggest you use the seminar as a catalyst to start a small group with parents to build community and support. HomeWord has some excellent small group materials on parenting and on marriage

What about audio/visual equipment?
This can vary based upon the requirements of each speaker, but at the least you should have the capability to show a PowerPoint presentation and/or a video clip.

What about volunteers? How many do we need?
You will need someone to register people if you are charging an admission fee and to distribute the participant manuals. Sometimes you will need a volunteer to help the presenter at a book table (if they bring resources), and usually you will need someone working the sound system. We strongly suggest that you provide snacks and refreshments.

Are you affiliated with a particular religious denomination?
No, but all of our presenters are Christians and some of the finest family specialists in the country.

Are your seminar presenters willing to do “extra” speaking?
In most cases, yes. Our seminar team is made up of very gifted communicators and we would love to work with you on booking them for “extra” speaking. If you are interested, we will be happy to speak with you about their availability and the costs involved.

How far in advance should I schedule a seminar?
You have a better chance of securing the speaker of your choice the earlier you book a seminar.

To get more information and book a seminar:
• Online: Seminar Request Form
• Call: 949-487-0217 ext. 100

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