Be The Hero In Your Family’s Faith Journey

“I love this great reminder that parents are the heroes and leaders in their families faith journey. Jim Rosene leads a wonderful ministry called Kids Around The World. Their newest addition to this wonderful ministry is KIDStory@home. Be sure and check it out here. Great stuff.”

You are the hero in your family’s faith journey! Perhaps it doesn’t feel like that right now or perhaps you may feel ill-equipped to actually live up to that kind of title or perhaps you don’t even know where to start to make that a reality. Maybe it’s just better if you just leave it to the professional or those “called” to kids ministry. After all, they have the resources and skills to make it engaging and fun.

Consider this…Have you ever taught your child how to cook something or how to play a sport? WAIT…how did you accomplish that without being a classically trained chef or a professional athlete?

The radical truth is, you are equipped RIGHT NOW to share what God has given you so far. Just like the disciples that sat at Jesus’ feet and launched a global movement, you don’t need a Masters of Divinity or Theology to experience an environment of discipleship, in your own home, where your entire family can grow…together!

Fuller Youth Institute found that close to 50% of kids, brought up in a Christian family, leave their faith behind shortly after completing high school…but a critical weapon against this is the fact that they also found that YOU (their parent) remains one of the greatest influences on their faith!!! The power is in your words and actions…lived out by connecting with them in conversation and application of what God is uniquely showing each of you. (Powell & Clark, 2011)

If you had a rope that was 14 feet long, it would be 168 inches – the same number of hours in a week. How many hours in that week can your child be in church normally? Maybe 1 or 2 hours? Visualize that as a proportion of our regular lives – that’s just 1 or 2 inches out of that 14 feet of rope! Who has the greatest influence on those other 167 inches? YOU DO – greater than any church or ministry!

See…you ARE the hero in your family’s faith journey! Are you convinced yet? Even so, that may still leave you with questions like: Where do I begin? or How do I even do this?

Every one of us loves a good story. In 2019, Disney’s films made more than $3.72 billion combined! We all regularly hand over our hard-earned money for movies, streaming services and books…why…because we LOVE A GOOD STORY. How many times have you heard, “Tell me a story?” or finished telling a story to your family and heard the words, “Tell another?” We all crave stories because they ignite our imaginations, while simultaneously causing us to think. They trigger our senses and allow us to live in the moment alongside the other people in the story.

Did you know that more than 43% of the entire Bible is story-based narrative? Did you know that 25% of the verses from Jesus own words are stories that He told to help others understand the Kingdom of God? What if the key to creating an environment where your entire family could explore God’s Word was as simple as telling a story?

Something special happens when each of our stories connect with God’s story…when we discuss and discover what the Holy Spirit is revealing, uniquely, to each of us. At Kids Around the World, we created a method called KIDStory that we’ve been using all over the globe to help churches and ministries connect with kids in deep and meaningful ways. However; we know that the most powerful place that a child can discover the Good News is at home…with their own family. So, KIDStory@Home was designed to help families begin experiencing this in a simple, fun, interactive way…at home…together.

God has given you EVERYTHING you need to begin or elevate your family’s faith journey… Even if you don’t know what to do, just start the video, pause the video, and participate in each activity with your whole heart. I think you’ll be amazed at what you find…and I think you’ll find that by the end, you have EVERYTHING you need to be a HERO!

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Jim Rosene

With the commitment to reach children worldwide for Jesus, Jim Rosene has been the President of Kids Around the World, a faith-based, non-profit missions organization, since it was founded in 1994. Before this, Jim was an elementary school teacher and then the Associate Pastor of Children’s Ministries at First Evangelical Free Church in Rockford, IL. Jim and his wife, Denise, live in Rockford, IL while their son Jeff lives in Southern California and their daughter Jenny in Minneapolis.

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