Be a HERO to the parents and couples in your church! Bring one of these affordable seminars to your church! Let us encourage and equip your parents with practical, biblical answers that will help the families in your church survive and thrive!

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This seminar is for parents and grandparents of teens and pre-teens. Attendees will learn what to expect from their children during the teen years and how to parent them with greater confidence, love and understanding. Our six “principles for effective parenting” will give parents the road map they need to successfully guide their teens through the rough waters of adolescence. Learn More »


This seminar is for parents and grandparents of all-age children. Topics to be covered are Finding Replenishment for Overcrowded Lives, Overcoming Negative Family Patterns, Creating a Grace-Filled Home, Communication, and Raising Kids Who Love God, as well as a strategy to create a healthy family atmosphere. Learn More »


This seminar is for married couples. Couples will hear practical instruction about romance and intimacy, communication and conflict, friendship, fun, and growing toward spiritual intimacy. Learn More »


This seminar is for parents with kids of any age. We’ll teach parents how to help their kids develop a healthy theology of sexuality to help them navigate today’s cultural influences. Learn More »


This seminar is for parents and grandparents of all-age children. Attendees will learn how to pass on a legacy of faith to children during the normal routines of family life. We’ll encourage parents to take more responsibility for the evangelism and discipleship of their children and we’ll teach them the skills they need to become effective spiritual leaders in their own homes. Learn More »


This seminar is for parents and grandparents of all-age children. Popular culture continues to change and challenge us for authority and influence over our children. This seminar will help parents develop a strategy for guiding children towards healthy choices in such areas as entertainment, sexuality, substance abuse and technology. Learn More »


This seminar is for parents and grandparents of all-age children. Media is one of the strongest influencers of our kids and many parents feel ill-equipped to build a media safe home. What about Facebook? Gaming? Music? Texting, sexting, and cell phone use and abuse? What about SnapChat and the latest teen movies? Learn More »


This seminar is for parents and grandparents of all-age children. Parenting doesn’t stop when a child reaches the age of eighteen. In many ways, it gets more complicated. Dealing with boundaries, finances, and changing values are all a part of parenting your adult child. Learn More »

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