Five 2020 New Year’s Resolutions Your Family Can Live With

It’s been said that a New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. Maybe this is why many people don’t participate in the annual ritual. One survey found that 55% of Americans either never or only infrequently set New Year’s resolutions and that only 8% of Americans are always successful in keeping their resolutions. With odds like that, why bother?

So, what if we reset the “resolutions” bar to a reasonable height? It just might make a difference. With the right attitude going in, the following five “just for today” resolutions can help to get your family’s 2020 off to a positive start. Whether you try one or all five, these are resolutions that most everyone has a good shot of accomplishing — something that your family can live with. As you succeed, you might even end up incorporating some of them into your family life and identity.

Five Resolutions for 2020

#1: Just for today, I resolve to forgive someone. We routinely suffer minor offenses against us, so think of one and in your heart and soul, forgive the person who committed the offense. It’s good for you to exercise the same forgiveness that God has demonstrated toward you. If it makes sense, tell the offending person that you forgive them.

#2: Just for today, I resolve to exercise. Today, do yourself and your family some good by getting some exercise. This can be as simple as going outside for a brisk walk. You don’t have to go overboard here. In fact, if you haven’t been getting regular exercise, don’t go overboard! If at all possible, exercise by doing something you enjoy. If you find all exercise tedious, try listening to music, an audiobook, or a podcast while exercising.

#3: Just for today, I resolve not to demand the last word. Many of us seek to have the last word…on everything! But today, just for today, when some non-life-or-death issue arises and you feel that pressure to provide the last word on the subject, decide not to do it. You might in fact be right about the issue at hand. Still, just defer. Just this once. It’s likely that you’ll find the world doesn’t unravel immediately after all.

#4: Just for today, I resolve to say, “Please.” The word “please” is an often-overlooked common courtesy these days, and especially within a family. We can easily slip into taking our family members for granted, and so assume that others exist to serve us. So just for today, add the polite request to your vocabulary, whether at home, school, or work. It doesn’t cost anything, and your action just might motivate others to do the same.

#5: Just for today, I resolve to make someone laugh. We all need to experience the gift of laughter, and the accompanying lightening of our hearts, from time to time. Your mission today is to make someone else laugh. Not known for your sense of humor? Find a (wholesome) joke that you like and share it with someone. The fact that you aren’t known as a funny person will likely make the other person laugh even more.

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