Time To Set Some Goals

“I love, love all things Henry Cloud. He is one of the most brilliant friends I have. I love his writing. This was taken from his leadership University Blog. It’s a healthy and concise look at goal setting.”

Write out a list of goals for your life. Both for this year and some goals for longer than the year.

Once you have written your list, ask yourself the following questions for each.

1. Is this goal big enough?
2. Is it realistic?
3. Do I believe I can do it?
4. Is it in conflict with something I want more?

After asking yourself these questions, you may have had to edit or alter one or more of your goals a bit. This is already great progress. Now, write out answers to the below for each goals.

1. Clearly state your goal. Goals without clarity are too elusive and hard to pursue.

2. What structure needs to be in place in order for me to achieve this goal? Is it waking up an hour earlier each morning to dedicate time to the process? Is it hiring an additional person?

3. How do I need to shift my priorities in order to bring this to life? Goals require time and energy. If your schedule doesn’t support that, the likeliness of reaching your goal is very low.

Tomorrow we will dive into the two key elements that are necessary to bring these goals into life. But, now that each of your goals are ready to be pursued and worth pursing, please keep the following bits of advice in mind before we get into the next steps.

1. Keep them in front of you. Write our post-its print out pictures, whatever you have to do. Goals must stay in your working memory in order to stay a priority

2. Important over Urgent. Everything will be urgent, people will always need things, ‘right away’. Something will always, ‘just take a minute’. But, each of these things add up and take time and energy away fro your goals. Don’t let them, have a process in place, know how you will respond to these requests. Be prepared.

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Dr. Henry Cloud

Dr. Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert, psychologist, and best-selling author. He draws on his extensive experience in clinical psychology and leadership development, to impart practical and effective advice.

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