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A Note from Chris Cannon, HomeWord’s Pastor of Pastors

No one prepared you to lead in times like these.

None of us were adequately trained to lead through pandemics, riots, gender issues and gun rights. We simply answered the call of God to lead the people called the Church. Maybe we were naive, but we said “yes” (perhaps reluctantly) to that sacred call.

And if I know any more about you, it is this:

You are tired.

You are disoriented.

You are broken.

You are under-appreciated.

You are quietly internalizing most of the above.

Now I could bore you with statistics about folks such as yourself, but you already know all of them.

You live them.

That said, there are two that always hit me like a punch to the gut.

  • 83% of pastors/leaders report that they have no one to confide in
  • 70% of pastors/leaders report that they do not have anyone in their life that they consider a close friend

Read those again.

That’s not ok. So we at HomeWord are attempting to step into that space with a ministry FOR you…not FROM you!

With a bunch of years under my belt as a youth pastor, executive pastor and lead pastor, I understand the dimensions and tensions of leading in the church context. I know the sweet joy of seeing lives transformed through ministry, as well as the pain caused by moral failure.

HomeWord offers you an opportunity to make relational connections with healthy leaders who have a passion to make sure you are too.  Here are some ways to reach out:

  • Contact Chris directly at 310.697.9190
  • Zoom Call with other pastors and leaders every Tuesday at 1:30 PST Zoom #577-143-7275
  • One-on-One Zoom calls by appointment: call or text to schedule 310.697.9190
  • Prayer Time with Chris. Please call or text to schedule 310.697.9190

There is no charge for this confidential and compassionate support.


“Thank you, Chris! This email came at the perfect time. I hope to make it to one of the ZOOM calls, but if I don’t, please know even your encouraging email means the world to me today. It’s so great to  know people are praying. I don’t even want to imagine how much harder this would be without that. Thanks again.” – Sara

“Thanks, Chris. I am excited to dive into it. I am grateful for you and your investment into me. You are a blessing.” – Rob

HomeWord’s Commitment to Healthy Leaders

Pastors and leaders are perhaps the most under-appreciated people in the world. Even the healthiest of pastors and leaders struggle with the pressures of ministry today (deadlines, budgets, church attendance, marriage/family time, social media, temptation). In fact, over 1,500 pastors will leave the ministry each month, and only one out of ten will actually retire as a pastor.

This support is confidential, compassionate, and is available at no charge to you. Chris is an invaluable resource and him being available to you is one of the ways that HomeWord is fulfilling our commitment to healthy marriages, families, churches and communities. We encourage you to contact him. He is a gift from HomeWord to you.


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